Ending the Violence

What can we really do to stop shootings in our schools and other public places? I'd like to share two ideas -- connected across the years -- as we come up to the anniversary of a mass killing that affected my life and my community. The first idea came to my attention not in the United States of America but in Central America. It was March 1999, and I had taken a part-time reporter job at The Columbine Community Courier, a weekly paper in Littleton, Colorado. However, before working for the paper on a regular basis, I went off with my family on a long-planned mission trip to Honduras. There we worked on a few projects then did some sightseeing. In Copan we stopped into a Catholic Church during mass. The church was packed, and we found out why that was so before long. The priest came to speak and he was absolutely furious with his flock. A woman in our party, who was a Spanish speaker, translated for us: Some of the young men of Copan had come into the town square the night before,...(Read Full Article)