Eerily Authentic: The Americans

The Americans, an eerily authentic television series airing on the FX Channel Wednesday evenings, is about Soviet espionage "illegals," often referred to as sleeper cells during the Cold War. These "Illegals" -- meaning they operate under "no official cover" and can be arrested and deported on the spot -- are plucked from their homes in their teens and intensively trained to transform themselves into Americans. David Foster wrote a review of the series on National Review Online, but he was not aware of the program's underlying reality  The anti-heroes of the FX series live as man and wife in Falls Church, VA during the Reagan era, when the heat was turned up on the USSR with the announcement of the Strategic Defense Initiative (nicknamed Star Wars) and calls to "tear down that wall" -- the Berlin Wall, the most evocative symbol of the political warfare between capitalism in the West and communism in the East. The television program was likely inspired by the round-up of ten...(Read Full Article)