Does Kim Know What Lies Ahead?

As the U.S. simultaneously struggles to take on the gun control issue and not take on a war with North Korea, an incident related to the former underscores concerns about dealing with the latter. On April 10th, two boys, aged four and six, were playing in the town of Toms River, New Jersey. The younger boy went back into his house, returning with a .22 calber rifle. Playfully aiming it at his older friend, he fired, killing the older boy. The four-year old was a young child lacking the maturity to understand the deadly nature of the weapon held in his hands. Irresponsible parents had failed to teach him, absent responsible conduct, guns can discharge, claiming human life. Despite early childhood photographs of a very young Kim Jong Eun dressed up as a little general, Pyongyang's current leader never served in uniform. Yet in 2012, five months before his ailing father's death, Kim, overnight, became a four-star general. Today, at age 30, the world's youngest head of state lacks the...(Read Full Article)