Democrats: End of the Big Push

Last week, the pundits told us, was one of the worst in President Obama's presidency. They could be right. He lost on gun control in the Senate. Ninety percent of Americans, apparently, want more gun control, but the president couldn't push it over the finish line. ObamaCare is shaping up as a "train wreck." Then the president had to deal with the first Islamic bombing on American soil since 9/11. The Democratic momentum is gone. Politics is like war. You train your armies and stockpile weapons and ammunition and then mount a furious offensive. It might go on for months or years. But in the end, it has to stop. It runs out of men, out of ammunition, and most of all, enthusiasm. Just ask the Brits about the Big Push at the Battle of the Somme. So it is with the Democrats. After ten years of an extraordinary partisan offensive, in which the Democratic divisions opened with a furious artillery barrage that damned everything conservative and Republican to liberal hell, and rolled over...(Read Full Article)