Deifying the Dear Leader

For a clue as to what may be motivating the North Korean regime's recent provocations, one need look no further than Kim Jong-Un's American counterpart in the Dear Leader deification sweepstakes. Barack Obama is another man without meaningful accomplishments elevated to a leadership position for which he was utterly unprepared and unqualified. Just as the American political establishment and media made fools of themselves producing an illusion of significance around this most insignificant character, so North Korea must do the same for its chubby cherub-cum-demigod. Remember the Greek columns at Obama's 2008 Democratic convention speech? What was the purpose of that culturally jarring anachronism? Of course, absurd as it seems, it was meant to suggest an impression of Obama as a man larger than his moment, a leader astride Western history -- perhaps even the man to take Western civilization, begun in the shade of such columns, forward to its final destination. (This latter impression...(Read Full Article)