Darn...They're Not Named 'Smith,' Either!

Shortly after the 2009 Fort Hood terror attack was carried out by Nidal Hasan, Martha Raddatz and Diane Sawyer of ABC News openly lamented that the killer's name was not something like Smith. They pretended to overhear this sentiment from some military wife at the fort, but I suspect otherwise -- that they were pulling the liberal trifecta of lying, projecting, and conflating victims with experts -- all simultaneously. I guess it's progress, of some sort, that Salon's David Sirota didn't bother hiding behind an anonymous victim a few days ago when he said -- in his headline, no less -- "Let's Hope the Boston Marathon Bomber is a White American."  Ups for being candid I suppose. And Sirota's hopes were technically fulfilled, as it turns out, though I'm thinking white Chechen Muslim Jihadists were not what he had in mind. Meanwhile, Obama guru David Axelrod pretended to really believe that it was certainly the act of some kind of conservative extremist, given that the bombs...(Read Full Article)