A Retrograde Creed

Contrary to what has been told us, Islam may be the most sterile philosophy to have captured the mind of man. No other philosophy so thoroughly destroys whatever people it has gotten a grip on. Once Islam is firmly in control, the society not only halts in its progress, but actively devolves. The greatest lies come from the patent fabrications about Islamic Spain. Ah! The glories of Moorish Iberia, what the Arabs called, and still call, Andalus. So let's dispel the myths about Andalus(ia) and Moorish rule in Europe. The first myth we hear is that the Arabs gave us the Arabic numeral system. Actually, the concept of zero, and the numeral system, were invented by Hindus. The numeral system was merely brought to Europe by the Arabs. Had the Muslims not cut off trade routes to India, Europe would almost certainly have encountered the system independently of Islam, and probably sooner. Ah, but didn't the Arabs give us algebra? Well, they might have given us the name (Al-Jabr) but a lot of...(Read Full Article)