Constructing Babel

It is with great regret that we should find ourselves in such evil times; and I wish from the deepest cavity of my heart that it were not so. But the great City of Human Liberty, whose strongholds were once thought impregnable, is slowly dying -- not through the stratagems of the barbarous who line outside its once formidable gates, but from that craven cancer that metastasizes from within and renders all things jaundiced to the beholder. And as the watchmen have drowsed at their posts and the citizens have given themselves unto drink and diversion, a once proud people are cannibalizing the pillars of civilization under color of the corrupted virtues of equality and justice. In razing an institution rooted in biological necessity and inferred though convention and tradition far beyond the world's historical memory, the Spirit animating a debauched West severs its ties with nature and reason as it plummets headlong into the synthetic. Through vain caprice, America will soon dissolve...(Read Full Article)