Constructing Babel

It is with great regret that we should find ourselves in such evil times; and I wish from the deepest cavity of my heart that it were not so. But the great City of Human Liberty, whose strongholds were once thought impregnable, is slowly dying -- not through the stratagems of the barbarous who line outside its once formidable gates, but from that craven cancer that metastasizes from within and renders all things jaundiced to the beholder. And as the watchmen have drowsed at their posts and the citizens have given themselves unto drink and diversion, a once proud people are cannibalizing the pillars of civilization under color of the corrupted virtues of equality and justice. In razing an institution rooted in biological necessity and inferred though convention and tradition far beyond the world's historical memory, the Spirit animating a debauched West severs its ties with nature and reason as it plummets headlong into the synthetic. Through vain caprice, America will soon dissolve the boundaries prescribed for male and female while dedicating society to liberalism's new modes and orders. Moreover, the people who both will and luxuriate in this artificial City of Cards wax proudly in their anti-virtue and nod in unison as they pronounce that the creation they look lovingly upon -- is good.

"And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth." Gen. 11:4

Let it then be said: Negative judgments concerning homosexuality or same-sex marriage must ultimately rest upon revelation and its Judeo-Christian moral and intellectual horizon. Without God, all is to eventually be permitted. Without this transcendent wisdom articulated in the form of a command, any cogent criticism from human reason will itself prove insufficient. From the perspective of the Humanist worldview, no rational set of arguments against same sex marriage derived from: nature, mental health, evolutionary survival, prescriptive tradition or philosophical inquiry will have the authoritative gravitas necessary to rhetorically counter the self-creating society's appointment with its egalitarian destiny. Without guiding revelation, there is no Archimedean lodestone to impose upon us who or what we can copulate or wed while nestled in our procrustean beds. Neither physiology or temporal morality can serve to connect the "is" with the "ought" and shed a piercing light on how far a civilization intoxicated with emancipation should conduct its jihad through the institutions of mankind.

Indeed, the Progressive ethos is an emotion-laden unstoppable steamroller that levels every argument, noble act or perversion with the same ham-handed moral insensitivity. Such a society will never honestly inquire as to the social prudence of normalizing homosexuality and same sex marriage; because in the interest of the unyielding democratic leveling of the soul, it does not wish to know. Such speed bumps would only slow their screaming freight train to utopia.

If America is not now a Post-Christian society, then it is hurtling towards becoming so at the speed of Lucifer falling. With that being said, there are rock-hard consequences that arise from the Humanist vacuum of a God-free worldview -- but they are ideologically inconsequential considering the pressing task at hand. In such a Progressive milieu, there can be no fundamental metaphysical template of Being or value other than Will and consensus that we can rely upon to define man or his institutions. In dynamiting those values that are now being redefined as arcane and oppressive, the Post-Christian world has shown itself to be in a state of pure "becoming;" and any of those past ideals and moral judgments that we were once covenant-bound to honor before the epistemological "Death of God" are now just so much meaningless smoke.

Our society is in economic and moral free-fall. And as another lump of leaven is thrown into the ghastly cauldron of civil society, the homogenization of sexuality and emancipation of the passions merely accelerates the decline of American society into a great Red White and Blue box of indiscriminate hamsters. The intense narcissism that exudes from homosexuality is a sign that something has gone terribly wrong with the prevailing American character of soul and that this contagion is spreading throughout the culture like pink-eye at a child's birthday Bounce House. Same-sex marriage is indeed the Trojan horse by which the Progressives and their enthralled Pro-Homosexual lobby will affect their fait accompli at eclipsing history. Their project is aimed towards no less than a capricious reorientation of the fixed states of man and woman into sexually ambiguous creatures plucked from the jurisdiction of nature. As such, society is to be acculturated into a Progressive laboratory where all raw native distinctions are vanquished except those that are expedient to the amorphous collective and its Masters.

In having forced the camel's nose under the tent, the liberal project has gained the undying respect of the fanatical, the credulous and the dull that despise the Judeo-Christian edifice and would see it strangled with the wings of its own virtue. Those proponents of an ontologically blurred and sexually novel caricature of humanity will not rest until they not only have achieved parity with the prevailing culture, but have ascended above it by poisoning the well: transforming it into their own personal sewer writ large.

Surely, the one to three percent who are estimated to routinely engage in same sex coupling could not of their own steam have generated this cultural tsunami that has been relentlessly buffeting our consciousness. While homosexuals are highly visible in our entertainment and cultural elite, those diverse voices falling in lockstep with the Progressive Humanist agenda are highly motivated and sympathetic to their cause; and conversely, deeply antagonistic to the Judeo-Christian architecture of City and Man. Even our libertarian compatriots, whose conservatism only runs as deep as their pocketbooks, would adopt the "live and let live" motto, although they would claim that government should not be in the business of sanctioning or forbidding consent anyway -- which is more a policy of idealistic triangulation than of social prudence.

As the old inexorably die off or throw up their hands in resignation and the young who do not ruminate further than their own solipsistic bellies hold sway in the agora of public policy, same-sex marriage and homosexual normalization will sooner or later become the law of the land: either by judicial fiat or brute demographics. When it does, it shall not sound the clarion call of a Great Awakening of tolerance in America, but signal the beginning of the dirge for marriage itself -- as it has in the European nations that have embraced it. And in further denaturing marriage for the country as a whole, our current 40% illegitimacy rate will skyrocket off the charts and inject all the myriad social pathologies that attend life in the gilded hamster cage. Meanwhile, those of us who remain on principle as the stalwart remnant of "old dead ways" will face a full frontal assault of self-righteous wrath heretofore unknown throughout the fruited plains of e pluribus Unum.

I believe Robert Frost has said, "Don't ever take down a fence until you know why it was first put up." Progressives are in that business of tearing down those ancient cathedrals composed of unequal stresses that have been anchored and counterweighted in human nature. We have found in the last generation that in unleashing these primordial passions, the architects of the Great Society have foolishly sown to the maelstrom. Those who would maintain the necessity and maintenance of strong fences will come under assault like never before, and many of those who offer lip service to the conservation of the definitive male and female archetypes consecrated in our sacred texts will equivocate and fall away. Those vocal opponents to the New Order of Sexuality will more fully approximate lone Cries in the Wilderness and face moral ostracism; to say nothing of political and professional marginalization as morally leprous pariahs.

Progressives believe that the homosexual wedge is the cleverest means to disinfect the public square from Christianity and its hated project aimed at circumventing the Earthly City where man is beholden to nothing other than his own wayward imagination. That such a future is inevitable in their eyes betrays their fatal conceit. That their clay tower will be thrown down in the fullness of days, we can be assured of.

Glenn Fairman writes from Highland, California and blogs as The Eloquent Professor at He can be contacted at