Climate Change Conversation Aborted

An editorial essay by American Chemical Society (ACS) officers Bassam Shakhashiri and Jerry Bell (Science 5 April 2013) extends a gracious invitation for a "respectful conversation" about Climate Change.  Yet when I tried to respond, the editors of Science refused to print it.  So much for "conversation." Aside from its admirable tone, the editorial itself is a mixture of things that are trivially true (i.e., that the climate is changing - indeed it does  so, on all time scales, and is likely to continue) to statements contradicted by readily available evidence (that there has been an increase in weather extremes over the past century -- contrary  to published official statistics).  In between, one finds assertions that are still under intense scientific debate. It is true, unfortunately, that many professional societies, including also the ACS, have issued hastily drawn climate statements, espousing an alarmist view that even exceeds that of the...(Read Full Article)