Bracing For the Real Marathon

For a period of four days following hard upon America's most chilling act of terror since 9/11, America was dividing itself into heated twin factions over where to assign blame. The extremists of both camps were tripping over themselves as to whether we should designate this politicized rendition of the Boston Massacre as an organized act of foreign terror or perhaps the work of a "lone wolf" right-wing militant who had a bone to pick with Leviathan for trying to confiscate his "shooting iron." And if I may be so bold, this latter wish was offered with such a spirit of gleeful anticipation that it called into question the very caliber of judgments and hopes that are characteristic of the American Left. To cross one's fingers and announce to the world that one would wish upon America such fratricide is more emblematic of a moral illness than one can frame into words. We should not be surprised that such division exists in a country stratified on ideological lines. Yet, when this...(Read Full Article)