Boston Demands That We Know Our Enemy

The Boston Marathon bombing was not a tragedy. The Boston Marathon bombing was another act of war perpetrated against the United States by Islamic jihadists. Two barbarians transformed the finish line of a marathon into a battlefield that should be henceforth recognized as are the grounds of Lexington and Concord on every Patriots' Day.  Medical personnel and others described the injuries as like combat injuries.  But they were combat injuries.  As such, the dead, wounded, and maimed are casualties of war. There already has been the predictable handwringing and moral equivalency from the predictable quarters concerning the perpetrators of this battle.  The American Civil Liberties Union is already concerned that the surviving murderer was not "Mirandized."  Many in the neutered media openly and fervently hoped that the perpetrator was a white male, preferably a Tea Partier with a mesh NRA cap on his head and a hayseed between his teeth.  How much...(Read Full Article)