Boola, Boola, Save Your Moolah

If you're like me, your college alumni association floods your inbox with email invitations to contribute, often adding invites to football games and lectures by famous alums or popular professors. Except for the moment when an appeal made directly by an administrator turned out to be a multi-page swoon over Obama, most of these imprecations are politically content-free and were designed to play on my nostalgic memories of a college as it once was, not as it is today. Both my husband and I are very grateful to our university. Without scholarships neither of us would have had an opportunity for higher education. Overall, the university and its law school gave us a lot. Out of gratitude we regularly contributed but I reduced our contribution when the alum association was unable to get from the admissions officers statistics to show whether or not they were discriminating by race in admissions, and later we decided to give directly to high school students in need of further preparation...(Read Full Article)