Big Government Mind-Readers

Growing up as the daughter of a small-town evangelical Christian preacher, in an era where children quietly sat with their parents through hours of services that were often of the fire-and-brimstone variety, I learned basic yet critical truths that I will never forget -- about both God and Satan. I loved hearing about God's three "omni" qualities, described succinctly by Pastor Greg Laurie: "God is omnipotent: He is all-powerful. God is omniscient: He is all-knowing. God is omnipresent: He is present everywhere." A healthy fear of the Lord, though, in my young, imaginative mind, was sometimes overshadowed by an awful fear of Satan and his minions -- until the day I learned of the Devil's limitations: he yearns for God's omni-attributes, yet shares none of them. Omniscient God can read my mind. But Satan cannot. Of course, the Devil can poke, prod, suggest, tempt, and test. And he can always guess. However, my unspoken thoughts are ultimately and only between God and me. Throughout...(Read Full Article)