Battered Country Syndrome

We, as a country, wait with resignation for the next slap, punch, or kick from the current head of our family. We know more is coming, just not when or why the ever-present rage of our abuser will be unleashed at us. We have become so used to this mistreatment we almost don't remember when it wasn't this way. Do you recall, back when past heads of our family loved the family, and appreciated the responsibilities of the role of protector? When the head of our family appeared to care about us? Many don't. All that some family members have known, or can remember, is that the current head of our family dislikes us intensely. We know that although we are pliant, and he is free to do what he wishes at our expense, he will eventually come home and take out his anger and frustrations on us. Again. What is so jarring, of course, is the apparently malicious breach of the faith and trust which we have placed in the current head of our family, as we have in all past heads of this American...(Read Full Article)