American Colonialism

Prominent African-American economists such as Walter Williams have shown that the New Deal programs of FDR, the "Great Society" programs of LBJ, and the "income redistribution" initiatives have failed to achieve their stated goals of improving the lives of poor minorities in urban areas. This paper proposes an additional explanation for the persistence of urban minority poverty: that Democrats have created urban "colonies" of minorities in order to exploit them for their votes and Federal benefits. The focus of this paper will be the city of Chicago, since it has been called "the most segregated city in America," it is the center of national black politics, and was the first Sanctuary City for illegal immigration. Chicago's segregation of minorities is as old as the city itself. The African-American neighborhoods of today's South and West sides are located in exactly the same parts of the city as the African-American neighborhoods of 1910. And from 1930 to today, these African...(Read Full Article)