American Colonialism

Prominent African-American economists such as Walter Williams have shown that the New Deal programs of FDR, the "Great Society" programs of LBJ, and the "income redistribution" initiatives have failed to achieve their stated goals of improving the lives of poor minorities in urban areas. This paper proposes an additional explanation for the persistence of urban minority poverty: that Democrats have created urban "colonies" of minorities in order to exploit them for their votes and Federal benefits.

The focus of this paper will be the city of Chicago, since it has been called "the most segregated city in America," it is the center of national black politics, and was the first Sanctuary City for illegal immigration.

Chicago's segregation of minorities is as old as the city itself. The African-American neighborhoods of today's South and West sides are located in exactly the same parts of the city as the African-American neighborhoods of 1910. And from 1930 to today, these African America neighborhoods have been represented in Congress and in the state house by African-American politicians, who have done very little (other than pass Federal benefit programs) to lift African-Americans out of poverty. In the 2000 Census, for example, of the ten poorest census tracts in the entire United States, nine were located in the South and West Side African-American areas ruled by African-American congressmen Bobby Rush and Jesse Jackson Jr.

The concept of Western Imperial Colonialism is very popular in the literature of racial exploitation. The continent of Africa was divided up into "colonies" by the major European Imperial powers in a very short period of time: just seven years, from 1885 to 1892. Previously, Britain had seized vast territories belonging to other cultures for hundreds of years. The Spanish and Portuguese, with the aid of the Pope, divided up Central and South America.

But in 20th century America a new type of colony was invented: American urban colonies in the large metropolitan areas from the Midwest and Northeast to Los Angeles. These were made possible by the Great Migration of African-Americans from the South to the North, which began during WWI. As they moved north, African-Americans were immediately confined to ghettoes defined by racial boundaries.

No one doubts that this segregation was done intentionally. But it's important to realize that this segregation was not created by the racist attitudes of the residents of Chicago (Chicago never had slaves) but by the ruling political elite. As soon as the African-American population of Chicago began to expand, the Great Depression hit and put many persons out of work. FDR's response to this was to create the New Deal programs of welfare, food assistance, and subsidized housing.

While this greatly helped unemployed persons of all races, for African-Americans it began the ghettoization of their people into what can only be called urban colonies in the large cities of the north. The pattern seen in the 20 largest cities of the United States from 1920 to 2010 is remarkably consistent. In 1920 19 of the twenty largest cities were all located in the North. All of these nineteen cities were from 92.5% to 99% white. The one exception was Baltimore, MD and that was 85% white. It had a slightly larger black population only because it was a port of entry for the slave trade.

Similarly, all of these cities saw great increases in their black populations starting in 1920. By 1990 these cities were from 26 to 76% black. These cities did not lose whites because African-Americans moved in. Rather, it is more accurate to say that Americans are a highly migratory group, and the big cities were ports of entry for European immigrants. So as whites left, politicians wanted to maintain their population numbers. By the 2010 Census the cities with the highest black populations were Detroit, MI, which was 83% black, and Newark, NJ which was 52%. (Sources: Census paper No. 76 and Census 2010 Quickfacts).

And since in all the major industrial cities of the North, the destinations of job-seeking African-American migrants were controlled by Democrats, it is overwhelmingly clear that these great pockets of urban poverty were created and maintained by that one political party. Tragically all of these cities have very high rates of segregation, poor education for African-Americans.; high unemployment, single motherhood, and crime.

In Chicago, "negro wards" as they were then called, were quickly drawn up: their boundaries reflected (and promoted) the racial segregation of the time. Their political representatives were African-American, and they were expected to deliver votes to the Democratic Party. Most Americans don't know that Chicago is the center for black politics (that's why Obama moved to Chicago). Furthermore, since Lincoln freed the slaves, African-Americans in Chicago voted for Republicans, until a Democratic Mayor, Anton Cermak, took over; fired all the thousands of African-Americans who Republicans had given city government jobs, and took over the black vote. Since that time Chicago's African-Americans have been represented exclusively by black politicians, and always lived in poverty. What made the black submachine of Chicago possible was that Chicago already had in place a Democratic Machine.

What makes the American Urban Colonialism plan so revolutionary and ingenious is that it does not rely on agreements with foreign governments; the market price of iron ore, or cotton for profits; but on Federal benefit programs. These program dollars are infinitely more reliable and politically stable.

Recently, Chicago expanded its empire to include illegal Mexican immigrants, who are once again confined to narrowly defined "barrios" so that their votes can be harvested. Cleverly using the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Chicago gerrymandered its Hispanic neighborhoods into Wards so that machine-dominated aldermen have control over them.

In 1985 Mayor Harold Washington issued an Executive Order making Chicago the first official "Sanctuary City" of the United States. For Chicago's first black mayor to continue the "ghetto" practice that has so tragically hurt his own people is shocking, and reveals that in places like Chicago power is more important than people. This was done to ensure the continuity of Chicago's political representation in Washington, as well as his dominion over the minority members of the Chicago City Council. New York City and Los Angeles were two other "Sanctuary cities" for illegal immigration and today Chicago and New York have the highest illegal immigrant populations of the large cities.

New minority "immigrants" are needed since Chicago, like all other older industrial cities, has been losing population since 1930, the end of the second European immigration wave. Chicago's population today is the same as 1925, and its white population is the same as 1885. Today Illinois has 490,000 illegal immigrants.

The exploitation of outside cultures was practiced by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and the newest power: the Democratic Party. The Democrats do it for the same reasons political elites did it in the past: power and money. But unlike the Romans, Democrats don't conquer with swords, but with promises of safety-net benefits rationalized by the rhetoric of African-American leaders. Fortunately, many African-Americans have realized that their Democratic leaders in the northern big cities have betrayed them: over 1 million moved back South from 1990 to 2000, and the trend continues. But the political elites are refusing to stop their exploitation; and are replacing them with illegal immigrants, who are beginning to suffer the same social ills as African-Americans: single motherhood, poor education, and poverty.

This exploitation is promulgated by urban Democrats as a way to manipulate residents and keep themselves in power, which makes it even more tragic: it is preventable.