Am I a Worm-Eating Bigot?

I have been distracted lately, and my political blog and writing have been curtailed.  Aside from the uneasy feeling that the country is sliding into a financial and moral abyss that we are powerless to prevent, personal issues have erupted.  In the crash of 2008, my wife and I lost most of our wealth.  In 2011 we lost our house and possessions to an upstairs water leak caused by a counterfeit Chinese toilet nut that spontaneously broke while we were away.  Don't get me started on that subject.  These plastic nuts lack proper phenol content, and have destroyed tens of thousands of homes in the US so far.  They are ticking time-bombs in perhaps millions of other homes.  I've written previously about the insidious dangers of Chinese counterfeiting. All is well today, however.  We have clawed our way back up financially, and the forced downsizing of our lives has provided some unforeseen solace to us.  Moving back up Maslow's hierarchy has...(Read Full Article)