Alinsky and McCarthy: Brothers under the Skin

Leftists' hypocrisy has no limits. To take just one example, consider leftists' hostility toward the late Wisconsin senator, Joseph McCarthy, often uttered at the same time the left employs the late Saul Alinsky's tactics. Read Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, and watch how "community organizers" and their Chicago-based tong employ Alinsky-style tactics, and you find their enmity to McCarthy breathtaking. Leftist charges that someone is aping the late Wisconsin senator, who died in 1957, is a recurring accusation in American politics. The charge of "McCarthyism!" is the left-wingers' favorite tactic for silencing anyone with the temerity to express views they consider anathema. Leftists, however, often practice what they pretend to oppose: reckless, unsubstantiated charges against those they fear, including ad hominem attacks, character assassination, and guilt-by-association. The tactic appears to work. Usually, almost all those alleged to be McCarthyites immediately head for the tall...(Read Full Article)