Why Is America Facing Economic and Societal Turmoil?

How did the United States, a country founded on the principle of individual freedom and having achieved great wealth and world influence, find itself in its present financial and societal predicament?  Until the bulk of the American citizenry understands the why, there is no hope of reversing the nation's headlong plunge into the abyss. The history of mankind is replete with the rise and fall of major civilizations.  The downfall of these societies inevitably stemmed from a prolonged period without adversity, during which time internal strife developed out of political intrigue and avarice on the part of the ruling classes.  In due course these empires were easily conquered or dominated by others. This history was well known to the founders of the United States.  The overall concept of government being answerable to an informed and involved citizenry was their effort to avoid such an outcome.   Unfortunately, today's destructive political/economic...(Read Full Article)