Wacko Birds and Birthers

If birds of a feather flock together, should the cuckoos be pushed out of the nest? Senator John McCain, still squawking about Sen. Rand Paul's filibuster, is now calling Tea Party-backed lawmakers "wacko birds" that don't represent the GOP mainstream flock. Name-calling of any popular Republican who dares to rock the establishment henhouse is nothing new. Ask Donald Trump. But Trump and Paul also have something else in common. They both asked President Obama for something important -- something that clearly exemplified the limitations of this president's authority. Their simple questions highlighted the fact that Obama reports to the American people, and that his position and power is limited by the Constitution. An idea that others in Washington and the press seem to lack the courage to even entertain. And for Trump's and Paul's bravery, they were ridiculed, shunned, and called names. Yet both Trump and Paul got the thing from Obama they requested. Trump was called a carnival...(Read Full Article)