Unmasking the Grim Reaper's Foot Soldiers

One day back in high school, a very interesting English teacher asked our class a moral question: if you could press a button and get a million dollars, but a little old man -- with no family, friends, or ties of any kind -- in the backwoods of China would die, would you push that button? Approximately a third of the class raised their hands in the affirmative. This story always comes to mind when I ponder the abortion question. The old line of the pro-abortion lobby was that they wanted abortion to be "safe, legal, and rare," implying it's some sort of necessary evil. Their reasoning always was, "Well, we don't know when human life begins, so whether or not to end a pregnancy should be the woman's choice." Of course, this position was never morally or philosophically sound. After all, if what lies within the womb is just an "unviable tissue mass," why worry about abortion being "rare"? Oh, yes, the pro-aborts aren't sure about the intrauterine being's status. All right,...(Read Full Article)