Time to Abandon the Two-state Solution

The peace process reached an impasse over four years if not a decade ago. The PA has refused to negotiate without receiving major concessions in advance. President Obama was not able to kick-start negotiations even though he came out in favor of a settlement based on '67 lines plus swaps. Nor could Israel do so, notwithstanding her ten-month settlement freeze. The prestigious Herzliya Conference, which just took place in Israel, included a panel discussion on the question, "Is the Impasse Breakable?" A keynote to the discussion was delivered by Tzipi Livni, who will be Israel's Justice Minister and chief peace process negotiator. The tenor of her remarks was that it is very much in Israel's interest to achieve a final status agreement and that she was dedicated to the task. But most Israelis disagree. Most experts on the panel agreed that a final status agreement will not be reached in this generation, yet they were not prepared to abandon efforts to achieve one. They believe that as...(Read Full Article)