The Sequestered Life of Julia

A meticulous new analysis examines the benefits of government-administered socialism among a representative cross section of individuals.  It is an insightful departure from the usual studies of socialism that analyze only collective benefits to society using statistics about such things as income quartiles and poverty levels.  The new study is 27 pages and can be accessed as a PDF file via this link.  As its author, I'll summarize the results here.  Julia, the president's comic book heroine, is used as the baseline.  Because Julia is a fictional character invented by the president's reelection team, she is, by definition, his idea of the perfect socialist Überfrau -- a role model for all Americans to emulate. However, Julia has beneficial traits that the average person does not have.  For instance, she is creative, as demonstrated by her lifelong success as a web designer.  She also is ambitious and perseverant enough to start her own design firm...(Read Full Article)