The Most Open Administration in History

In 1939, Konrad Heiden, an influential Jewish journalist and historian of the Weimar Republic and Nazi eras, wrote The New Inquisition. In the introduction to this book, Hendrik Willem Van Loon wrote: Adolf Hitler, I regret to say, does not yet belong to history in the accepted sense of the word. He is still making history and apparently will continue to do so for a great many years to come. Yet I have a feeling that the future historians will attribute his unparalleled triumphs over the forces of democracy to his marvelous gift for handling that most recent and deadly of all weapons -- wholesale propaganda. Even today... we can follow his career and understand his success by making a study of his propagandistic methods, for it is only along that line that he has shown any sort of originality of thought [.] [Hitler] fully comes up to our worst expectations; for propaganda... has nothing whatsoever to do with even an approximation to the truth. On the contrary, the Truth, as such, is...(Read Full Article)