The Logic of Liberalism

While liberals have always (at least for a century) claimed the intellectual high ground, they have at the same time been applying flawed or incomplete logic in their solutions to social problems. This is rather obvious with the issues of economics, education, immigration, and energy. However, in most cases the chain of reasoning is lengthy, making logical flaws difficult to isolate and making counterarguments difficult to construct. As our examples will demonstrate, liberals, with emotional and belief systems concomitant with their logic, have problems determining flaws in their logic, much less addressing them. While liberals view their intellectualism as the final arbiter of logical argumentation, this may not precisely hold. On this note, we consider the chain of logical implications first from the liberal viewpoint, and then from the scope of a complete logical argument. Let's consider their propositional arguments, from the premises, through the logic, and...(Read Full Article)