The Leveling Spirit of Equality

In a waning society where the burden of jagged truth can no longer be endured and whose preponderance of fools and functional illiterates tips steadily towards critical mass, questioning the sacred cattle of a people's thoughts is tantamount to impiety; and the writer that does so stands a better than even chance of committing professional suicide by his own lack of discretion. To dare hold the sacred concept of Equality to the scrutiny of the Philosopher's Stone carries the risk of not only being misunderstood, but of being branded as a traitor to an age in which the egalitarian spirit has eclipsed the Reign of Liberty in the luxurious West. Every public and private virtue has contained within itself the possible seeds of its own destruction. Immoderate bravery yields recklessness and excessive charity can bring indiscriminate moral rot and financial ruin. The same can be held for political systems if they remain in abstraction -- unqualified by moderation or wisdom....(Read Full Article)