The Fourth Devil

There's an old legend about three devils that sounds like "The Apprentice." The boss devil (whom you can easily imagine as Donald Trump) assigns to three junior tempters the task of increasing the traffic of damned souls into Hell. The first devil tries to persuade people that "there's no God." He gets a meager flow of rather tough souls and is "fired" -- a term that has a very special meaning in Hell. The second tries suggesting that God is too nice to damn anybody: "there's no Hell." He gets a slightly larger catch of limp souls and is also "fired". The third gets a flood of tasty damnees and wins his apprenticeship by whispering, "there is a God and there is a Hell and you'd better repent -- tomorrow. There's no hurry." Using the same method C.S. Lewis alluded to at the beginning of The Screwtape Letters, I discovered that the legend is true but outdated. Recently, a fourth devil, who took the trouble to get an MBA at Harvard, has emerged as the brightest falling star in Hell. As...(Read Full Article)