The Easter Mythology of Modern Progressivism

Modern progressivism, belief in human progress, various brands of socialism, and even communism itself are all steeped in a modern philosophy of history that is rooted in the Judeo-Christian apocalyptic tradition.  Unlike the Greco-Roman world, which believed that history was either strictly secular or inextricably bound up with pagan notions of Eternal Return reflecting the circular cycles of nature, many socialist and political progressives often presume that the historical future itself is linear, eschatological, redemptive, and utopian. In Christian theology, eschatology means the study of the last things which views history as linear process rushing toward an apocalypse of final judgment and salvation.  Strangely enough, modern progressivism believes likewise, albeit dressed up in secular terminology and political evolutionary jargon.   Plato's Republic (360 B.C.) may have been viewed as a utopian ideal, but the classical mind never believed that the...(Read Full Article)