The Chicago Roots of President Obama's Leadership Style

Speaker Boehner and the Republican House are frustrated that they can't get President Obama or Senate leader Reid to compromise with them. The regular rules of order in Congress are that the committees hold hearings, both parties have input into the writing of legislation, and eventually the Senate and House leaders have a conference to come to mutually agreeable terms.  This conference report results in a bill that is submitted to the president for signing. But the president doesn't seem to follow the old established rules.  He wants the speaker to visit the White House, meet with him and his inner circle, and, particularly with regard to issues of spending, sign an unconditional surrender. Analysts have seen this as proof of Obama's totalitarian ambitions or an inflated political ego.  Others characterize it as a sure sign that he is pursuing socialism. While the president's behavior can be used to support all of these descriptions, the real answer may be none of...(Read Full Article)