That Dirty, Rotten Racist...Abraham Lincoln

In Stalin's Russia, genetics and cybernetics were treated as the cat's paw of imperialism and officially branded as "whores."  But it was another branch of Soviet science, history, that was a far more deserving candidate to bear that not exactly honorific moniker.  Russian historians loyally served the regime, meeting its propaganda needs in full compliance with a thesis propounded by the titular head of the Soviet school of history, Mikhail Pokrovsky: "History is the present telescoped into the past."  Some American liberals have been faithfully following Pokrovsky's precept, reinventing the past in keeping with the progressive view of the world.   The Founding Fathers are being torn down by the progressives from their honorable place in the annals of America's history for one overriding reason: almost all of them were slave-owners.  Their entire service to the country, their sacrifices, the enormous risks they consciously took for the sake of freedom -- all...(Read Full Article)