Tea Party: Come Together

My late momma taught my siblings and me to never put family business in the street.  However, my Tea Party family must deal with this issue if we are to accomplish our mission to halt Obama's tyranny and transformation of America into his socialist/progressive dream.  The issue of which I speak is unity. Early in our Tea Party movement four years ago, I was shocked to encounter turf wars and various selfish agendas.  The people, the patriots who invest time and money for the movement, are not the problem.  I am talking about some in leadership positions. A major Tea Party website banned me from posting because I mentioned another Tea Party group.  I thought, aren't we all on the same team?  I quickly learned that we were not.  Some opportunists joined the Tea Party simply because it was the hot new thing. Then there are the single-issue folks.  If your Tea Party group does not channel all of its efforts to the issue about which I am most...(Read Full Article)