Senate Prospects for 2014

Historically, the second midterm, when a president has been in office for six years, is the election in which voters vent their spleen against his political party.  So the recent decision by Tim Johnson in South Dakota not to seek re-election gives Republicans an excellent chance to gain control of the Senate after Obama's second midterm election in 2014. The exception to the above rule was Clinton in 1998, but the economy was roaring then, and the impeachment of Clinton also caused many Democrats to rally to his side.  Bush in 2006 lost control of both houses of Congress as voters fed up with Republicans expressed their anger the only way they could: by voting for Democrats. Although the left will try every way it can to blame the upcoming economic collapse on Republicans, that argument is very weak with average voters when Obama won re-election and Democrats gained seats in both houses of Congress.  The voters immune to facts are also the voters who are least...(Read Full Article)