Requiem for a Despot: the Death of Hugo Chavez

President Hugo Chavez, the acerbic tinpot who declared a Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela, demonized America, and resurrected tired leftist politics throughout Latin America, died Tuesday of cancer.  Strongman and Vice President Nicolas Meduro announced the death saying Chavez died about 4:30 p.m. local time. During his 14 years in power, Chavez made a career out of trashing capitalism and the United States and fomenting unrest and chaos throughout South America.  He polarized Venezuela through divisiveness and fear mongering and ascended to power using a brew of boorishness, thuggery, racism and class envy cloaked in nationalistic and socialist rhetoric. Like other dictators, he first led a failed coup in 1992 and was jailed but eventually was elected president in 1998, after which he managed to outlast a coup attempt in 2002 and thereafter to consolidate his power and to achieve billionaire status for himself and select members of his family. Strutting around in army...(Read Full Article)