Remembering Ed Koch

Ed Koch died this past February.  He was an iconic figure who should be remembered and revered for his independent thought. A documentary, KOCH, by Neil Barksy, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, premiered in Los Angeles on March 1.  This movie is very relevant today since it shows that there are a few liberals with sanity.  Barksy allows the moviegoer to see two narratives: Ed Koch as a candidate for mayor of New York and, once elected, how he started the transformation from a graffiti-filled, near-bankrupt, and crime-ridden city to a successful municipality.  What makes the film interesting are the interviews with Koch, past and present.  Barksy told American Thinker, "Koch agreed to participate without any stipulations, except wanting to view it before its release.  He told me he wanted to take the reel to his grave." Koch should be considered a politician before his time.  He knew the importance of a grassroots effort, a concept...(Read Full Article)