Progressivism's Equality Paradox Smothers Freedom

With the historical record of the last century and a half of political and social experimentation behind us, the fundamental question for Western civilization has come down to this: How free do people want to be?  Partially free or completely free?  Furthermore, is it even possible to be considered truly free if one is only partially free?  Democratically based societies around the globe need to decide which they value more -- liberal/Progressive equality or freedom.  There is no happy medium that will sustain both.  One need only observe the contention, the hyper-partisanship, and the social and economic decline of societies that have attempted to balance the two concepts to recognize that it is a fool's errand. The concept of freedom used here means that each individual owns his or her own life (body and mind, including that which he produces with his body and mind) while existing in a condition in which voluntary courses of action can be chosen without...(Read Full Article)