Pope Francis: Papabile in a Fallen World

It's official: this strong conservative was papabile without ever having to prove to a bunch of his moral inferiors that he was "electable" or "presidential." Sound familiar? No, it doesn't sound familiar to me either, but rather, refreshingly novel. And as the know-nothing, "anti-pap" popular media takes a blow on the sidelines during the next weeks to discern what is the best sniping angle for implementing the assault on the apparently unassailable new Pope Francis, the time is ripe for making a few general notes and predictions on the new papacy. First: the media presently proofs up "test stories" in order to check whether they can foster discontent vis-à-vis the Pope's orthodox stance on socio-sexual issues; even among a lamentably persuadable public, one generally hostile to "absolutism" and to moral realism, Catholic orthodoxy bears with it certain immunities that militate against popular condemnation, without more promising grounds for its slings. From here, I predict that...(Read Full Article)