Philadelphia Legislators Repackage Jim Crow with New Gun Laws

Most of the current attacks on the Second Amendment originate from large cities like Los Angeles (Henry Waxman), San Francisco (Dianne Feinstein), Chicago (Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama, and convicted felons Bobby Rush and Rod Blagojevich), New York City (Mario and Andrew Cuomo; Eliot Spitzer, aka Emperor's Club VIP Client 9; Charles Schumer; Jerrold Nadler; Michael Bloomberg; and convicted felon Mario Biaggi), and, as shown below, Philadelphia. Pennsylvania House Representative Ronald G. Waters (Philadelphia) is a prime example of a big-city politician.  He recently introduced a package of gun laws that are unlikely to get through the Pennsylvania House, let alone the Senate or governor, but House Bill 521 is worthy of close inspection -- just like a culture dish of infectious bacteria.  Waters has, in fact, repackaged the 19th century's Jim Crow for resale to credulous voters in the 21st century. Here is the relevant text of House Bill 521: (1) No individual shall...(Read Full Article)