Passover's gift: The Promised and Undivided Land

Billions, of the world's people do not know the meaning of the towering festival of freedom and liberty known as Passover; a festival of spring, recognizing an event that has blessed the world for over 3,300 years. The festival begins on March 25th of this year and falls always on the 15th day of the Jewish month of Nissan. Jews and Christians know the Biblical story of the Exodus and of the salvation of the Jewish people from centuries of slavery under the Egyptian pharaohs and the subsequent creation and deliverance of an entire nation. Such a seminal event in humanity's history became the foundation for freedom and liberty- created many centuries before democracy was first enunciated by Greek philosophers who nevertheless lived within a polytheistic society. Many people know in varying degrees the Passover story and the birth of the Jewish people and of their undying faith in the One and Only God; invisible and indivisible. Judaism has given the world monotheism in its purest and...(Read Full Article)