Our Father, Who art in the White House

Do you accept Barack Obama as your Lord and Savior? Chris Rock does -- calling him our father, who art in the White House. The media does as well. The epidemic of pandering press members dropping on their knees in the customary position of worship before our president has become a pandemic. Media loved Bill Clinton, but they didn't 'intern' for the guy like they seem to for Barack. A cigar is just a cigar, but, today's press is smoking something, and it looks more and more like a Barack Obama, choom gang special blend. Note, rearranging the letters in "choom" will get you "mooch." Is there a better description of Obama, his bitter half and his entire set of hagiographic minions? As they used to say on Monty Python, "nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more." To the media, the man can do no wrong. He is universally portrayed as successful, moderate and bipartisan, when he has not one single measureable success, is probably the most left-wing president the nation has ever elected, and...(Read Full Article)