OFA: The Organizing of America

Other than the obvious initials "OFA" and a now-familiar circular logo, what do Obama for America 2008, Organizing for America (2009), Obama for America 2012, and now Organizing for Action all share -- and why should we care? The Democratic National Committee is likely paying very close attention. Back in 2009, a "highly placed Democrat" took note. According to Esquire's Lisa Taddeo, in her comprehensive article on David Plouffe and his creation of Organizing for America, that unnamed Democrat declared: "It's not the Democratic party anymore. It's the Obama party." "Architect" Karl Rove may have maintained the blueprint of the Bush campaign, but according to Taddeo: David Plouffe, Obama's 2008 campaign manager, has a list. That contact list -- thirteen-million-Obama-supporters-long at the time -- made Plouffe the master of a "many million-mouthed dog." And, wrote Taddeo, Obama "has instructed him to make that list a new lever of government." The "fulsome pulsing beast" 2009 version...(Read Full Article)