Michael Moore, don't do it!

American filmmaker Michael Moore, in an interview with an Iranian magazine, criticized an article I wrote urging him not to visit the Islamic regime. According to MehrNews, Moore in his interview said, "When the news of my (upcoming) visit to Iran was published a few years ago, the right-wing media in the U.S. ... published some very critical and hateful articles. They even published faked news about me. So I thought I should postpone visiting Iran to another time. "They explained to me that my style has many advocates in Iran. So obviously I was happy. I am now waiting for an opportunity to travel to Iran," Moore said. "Even if they do not invite me this time, I will go anyway." It is obvious that Moore did not read my piece, which was published on Sept. 5, 2011 in the Washington Times, urging him not to provide legitimacy to a regime that is among the world's top human rights violators. I explained in that piece that a noted figure, who claims to stand up for those who have been...(Read Full Article)