Kerry's Ibrahim Stumble

John Kerry always believed he was qualified to be President of the United States. While I grant he certainly had a far better résumé than the current office holder, there was little in that résumé to instill confidence in any careful observer that he had the courage, the integrity, the character to occupy this lofty perch. The lack of these three elements are evident in the current president and we are all suffering the consequences. Our introduction to John Kerry came with his gaining national recognition by claiming to be throwing his own medals over the White House fence, while throwing someone else's medals instead and carefully preserving his own to proudly show decades later when confronted by his very own claims. Even the Washington Post has questioned Kerry's veracity in recounting his feats involving the swift boat story of behind-enemy-lines Vietnam (or was it Cambodia?) heroism that may have been every bit as borrowed as the medals he threw over the fence. Now, for...(Read Full Article)