Karl Marx and the American Dream

You cannot use Karl Marx's ideas to help the middle class. You can't do it. Anyone who claims otherwise is stupid, ignorant, crazy, a liar, or some combination of the above.  Even the laziest student can open a copy of the Communist Manifesto and read the first page, where Marx launches in to an attack on the middle class (the "bourgeoisie," as he calls them) -- an attack that continues to the end of his article.  At no point does Marx say anything good about the middle class.  Never does Marx propose a way to help the middle class.  The whole Manifesto is a recipe for destroying the bourgeoisie and the economic system that creates and supports them (capitalism). Basically, Marx advocated a return to the medieval lifestyle: a time when the barons and princes looked out for and took care of the happy serfs, who spent their days dancing around the maypole and praising their lords.  Marx saw it as a time when everyone shared, everyone took pride in what he...(Read Full Article)