How Negative Campaigning Works

Why did Mitt Romney lose? The explanation lies in the universal rules of marketing and communication. These laws are rooted in a Right Brain understanding of how the laws of branding and positioning work in the voters' minds. The laws always work because they are based on neuroscience, the science of how the mind works. This article is the second installment on the same theme (the first is here) providing further explanation for the defeat based on how the mind works, specifically on the impact that negative suggestions have on the minds of voters. If Republicans fail to understand the mistakes the campaign made in 2012, there is a real danger that they will repeat them in 2014 and in 2016, thereby assisting Obama in creating a dynasty. The Obama campaign in 2012 was the most negative campaign in modern American political history. Obama and his supporters successfully evoked fear in the minds and hearts of the voters. They painted Romney as a heartless, greedy, manipulating business...(Read Full Article)