Hangmen and Abortionists

I don't suppose I will ever understand the logic that progressives utilize in striking moral equivalence between the death penalty and selective abortion. Time and time again, I have encountered some acolyte of the Left who firmly believed he had uncovered my philosophical nakedness: pointing out my supposed inconsistency between affirming death for convicted murderers and my advocacy for innocent nascent human life. I suppose the Progressive worldview, in their own contextual reflection, would hold that human life is the highest possible good and that any actions by an authority to abbreviate it, for whatever reasons, are inherently immoral. By the same token, can they not see in themselves that same moral inconsistency when the termination of unborn human life is on the line? The progressive take on abortion is akin to the chattel slave relationship between master and slave. In this situational instance, the life of the unborn child is not paramount. In fact, the value of the...(Read Full Article)