Fighting the Real Enemy

Creeping totalitarianism is silently supplanting normal human thoughts and beliefs with an omnipresent and soul-destroying moral pathology.  Although many wish to find another name for totalitarianism -- something that suggests that it has a purpose beyond power -- that is a mistake. "Socialism" for example, is a dull, empty word.  Orwell's horrific 1984 described a state based upon "Ingsoc" -- English Socialism -- but the Inner Party did not believe in redistributing wealth or helping the poor.  The Inner Party believed in power -- limitless power -- and sought that power to make misery. If our enemy is not some incarnation of socialism -- a system which no one really believes in any longer -- then our enemy is not the state, per se, either.  This was another theme in 1984.  The state was the hand puppet of those who controlled information, thought, and recreation.  To us today, the "state" is the toy of those who feed an invented reality with their...(Read Full Article)