Eugenics and the Closing of the Popular Mind

On Wednesday, March 6, that palladium of journalistic poise, Yahoo News, ran a story about Crystal Kelley's recent surrogate-abortion-adoption struggle. I was hardly concerned by just another one of the usual, back-alley-educated, pop-illiterate-Progressive (if aptly named) Yahoo stories. Rather, the article's unilateral commentary is what startled me. With Yahoo News' ideological univocity, nothing is shocking any longer. Between an article linked to on Yahoo the same day entitled "Was Mother Teresa Actually Sort of a Jerk?" and the litany of character assassination pieces they've run over the last weeks on Pope Benedict XVI (pieces with farcical titles akin to "How Evil is the Pope, Quite or Very?"), one should expect the very worst. The media, as the acting unelected fourth branch of our wicked, despotic government, loathes life and liberty and all that was once great about our nation. Plain and simple. Nothing new here. But once again, the lowbrow news site's pedestrian...(Read Full Article)