Drones in Wonderland

Not only in an epic thirteen-hour filibuster but also in his 2013 CPAC speech, Senator Rand Paul referred to Wonderland's White Queen from Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass. Paul, warning against drone assassination policies that deprive citizens of the right to due process, repeated the nonsensical phrase: "Sentence first; verdict afterwards." Sen. Paul was likely recalling an exchange between Alice and the White Queen regarding the fate of a King's messenger, for it was actually later in the story that the Queen of Hearts, at the tart-stealing knave's trial, uttered Paul's famous quotation. The White Queen's explanation, however, emphasizes Paul's point even better:"[The King's messenger is] in prison now, being punished: and the trial doesn't even begin till next Wednesday: and of course the crime comes last of all." "Suppose he never commits the crime?" said Alice. "That would be all the better, wouldn't it?" the Queen said... Alice felt there was no denying THAT. "Of...(Read Full Article)