Depardieu Heads East

The authorized biographer for Gerard Depardieu referred to his subject as being characterized by "animal-like brutality."  That's the authorized scribe, mind you, for the hulking, apelike Gallic monstrosity. Do you dare to imagine what the unauthorized tomes might be saying?  Given this, it was hardly any surprise at all to learn that Depardieu had renounced his French citizenship and defected to Vladimir Putin's Russia. Putin and Depardieu are truly birds of a filthy feather.  In 2001, TIME magazine reported that Depardieu was an unabashed serial rapist. It quoted him thusly:  "I had plenty of rapes, too many to count. But it was absolutely normal in those circumstances. That was part of my childhood."  Come to think of it, the statement of Depardieu's biographer actually seems like quite an unfair and regrettable smear. Of animals. Fast forward five years, and you find Vladimir Putin expressing his deep admiration for the sexual prowess of accused rapist and...(Read Full Article)